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    Name: Samuel
    Age: 20
    Location/Time Zone: Canada, EDT
    Languages: English (native), French (secondary), Japanese, Korean, Russian (conversational)
    Helios IGN(s): chuck

    Previous MapleStory Moderation Experience:

    I was GM Nylon from the former private server Rien from Lumiere networks, I hosted events, managed maintenances, reports, arguments, bullying and did surveillance. I also worked on side projects as a developer that involved front end changes to the game such as adding in-game items and NX items.

    Previous Other Moderation Experience:

    Current Employment/Life Commitments:
    I work at a Restaurant as a waiter to accumulate funds for university.

    Why have you chosen your selected Team(s) to apply for?
    I believe I am capable of performing with this position as I've had 2+ years of experience on my former team and understand the gist of the tasks at hand. I've handled mild to difficult cases with players. I am perseverant and understanding on every situations and can control one's temper. :D

    What makes you believe that you'll be a constructive member of that/those Team(s)?
    I am available for 6 hours after work and would love to help moderating or host events! I take time to listen to the player's issue if needed and have a good concept of the direction to take in relation to problems of interest.

    Which member(s) of the Helios Team are you looking forward to working with the most?
    I've currently only met Austin who I have chatted with but would love to work with everybody else! ~f2

    Tell us about your experience in leadership roles.
    I was leader of a gang of friends I had in high school, shot caller in my league of legends ranked team and
    event manager in my adult school.

    What is your favourite part about MapleStory as a game?
    I love the nostalgic antiquated graphics, the soundtracks ~sparkly and meeting new people everywhere with different backgrounds.

    Do you have anything else that you'd like to add to your application?
    No. :)
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