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    This is Game Update 6, and you will require new files.The server will go down for maintenance at 11:30PM on November 20th, 2018.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed various bugs with the 4th job thief skill 'Taunt' that prevented it from working with shadow partner and made it give too much bonus exp. proving, once again, that too much spaghetti is bad for your health.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed for people to obtain too much hp/mp when turning in spirits.
    • Removed a variation of the topwear luk scroll that came out of Shrine Gachapon.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing White Scrolls placed in the last slot of the inventory to disappear without being used.
    • Fixed the visual bug that was causing Pets to appear hungry at all times.
    Event: The Halloween Event and all of its corresponding NPCs and Maps have been removed.


    I feel it necessary to address the community in regards to a few things. Firstly, I'd like to give a few progress updates on what the team has been working on outside of the above bugfixes.

    Website and Forums:
    As you may have seen, we've added a few updates to the forum prefixes to be a bit softer. On the subject of prefixes, we've also added a few new ones as well as taken the ability to set your own prefix as those were largely intended to mark things accordingly from staff member to staff member. We have also added various subsections to help organize and emphasize various items. We do plan on adding some more changes to the forums at a later date.
    We've also began designing the new website which is a vast improvement over the placeholder website whose replacement is long overdue. This is on the horizon for, most likely, some time near the end of the calendar year so be on the lookout for that. We have kept community feedback in mind while designing it, so we hope you like it when it comes.

    Lion King's Castle:
    So turns out adding LHC to a v62 server is quite the task. While we were projecting it to be ready sometime during the last month, testing and dialing it in has been a challenge. We apologize for the delays. After taking in community feedback on how they think it ought to work, we think we've come up with a fairly clean solution that should counter any possible unwanted consequences. To that end, we tweaked the formula a bit in order to be less restrictive in terms of finding a party. For those that may be unaware the original proposal was to enact a multiplier penalty based on (highest leveled member of the party - average party level). We've removed this and instead decided to implement a system in which you only receive exp for the damage you deal to that particular mob; furthermore, to receive any exp whatsoever you need to cross a certain damage threshold. The reasoning for this is threefold:

    • We want, as much as possible, to prevent players from funneling exp onto one attacker.
      • To avoid fringe cases where people might fill their party up with characters who have summons thereby inflating the "active attacker" multiplier whilst taking very little exp for themselves.
        • On the topic of summons, we wanted attackers with summons to still receive their share of the exp based on the damage dealt by the summons. The only other way we could think to combat this would've been too disable summons altogether.
    • We want to prevent another fringe case where people might come in with a mage, ult every mob once, and inflate the active attacker multiplier whilst taking very little exp for themselves - not at all dissimilar to the above case.
    • We want for players to be able to party with whomever they please.
      • A player pointed out that the previous level difference penalty was counter intuitive to the intent of LHC which is, of course, to promote party play. They were very correct. This is why we decided that the best means to go about this would be to make exp received directly based on damage dealt. This should, ultimately, result in the same amount of exp received given that if you bring in a ringer, you'll receive less exp per mob but have faster clear times and vice versa.
    For those of you that are familiar with LHC, we're working very hard on finding a unique and healthy balance in the v62 meta. The LHC that you are familiar with will undoubtedly have the same content, but feel and play quite differently.

    • Widened the gap in level between each mob so as to make it easier to find a party since people will have to stay at certain mobs for longer.
    • We standardized the hp/level/exp gap to fix the horribly thoughtless game design. We've also removed some of the annoying qualities surrounding the higher-leveled LHC mobs (i-frames, knockback).
      • For those that would like to know, this is where a lot of the delays have occurred. In the original game design, there was virtually no progression trends which would make the second mob of LHC better than the first, the third better than the second, etc. It was all just random. This in conjunction with the aforementioned annoying qualities is why the meta at LHC was to stay at Crockies and Bearwolves exclusively. By shifting the exp/level/hp curve of the mobs, we're establishing Grey Vultures and Castle Golems as the de facto best spots to train. This makes more sense and is more sustainable in the long run because there are 4 and 5 Castle Golem/Grey vulture maps respectively. This means that even if we see a huge surge in population that you shouldn't ever really have trouble finding a map to train with your party. Furthermore, this takes pressure off of Crocky, Reindeer, Blood Reindeer, and Bearwolf maps as there are only one of each of those and they are all required in order to progress through the LHC questline.
        • Changing the HP/level/EXP curve also establishes an actual sense of progression as you move from mob to mob, and was the best means of solidifying LHC as true mid-late game content.
    • Balanced the spawn positions/numbers on each map in order to have some maps that are better for ranged parties, some that are better for full melee parties, and some that are better for hybrid parties. We hope you all enjoy discovering the meta for manipulating spawn and establishing rotations!

    Perhaps we were a bit overzealous with our initial projections of a working Horntail. It has been a real challenge getting the various triggers/mechanics to work correctly, but rest assured that we are making progress in this regard. I, as well as staff as a whole, would like to apologize again for getting your hopes up :/.

    New Client:
    The source that we chose for Helios, as memed in the past, is truly an Italian nightmare. While originally we were planning on tailoring the client to the source, it's become a quicker and better solution for us to rewrite the source entirely whilst developing the client. That being said, since the change, steady progress has been made, and, while it still may be a ways away, it's definitely something to look forward to.

    With those progress updates out of the way, I'd like to speak to you all directly as, well, me. It's no mystery that Helios is in a tough position right now. The reasons and mistakes that have been made are many, and, frankly, I believe that we as a staff just failed to prepare for the various circumstances which have ultimately led us here.

    One of those circumstances is one that I'd like to address - speaking as and for myself and myself alone.
    While there were a multitude of various blunders that we as a staff have made, I, myself, am largely liable for one of them. That being said, I am fully aware, and can appreciate, that part of why Helios has found itself in the position that it's in is because, simply put, Mike disappeared and I appeared in his stead and I am not Mike. To those of you who do care about seeing Helios grow, I apologize for my contribution to hindering that progress. In hindsight, I should've formally introduced myself to you all back when the title change occurred - while the damage may have been done, I sincerely hope that it's not entirely too late to do so. That said, hi, I'm Jae.

    I want to clarify a few things on who I am as an individual, but before I do so I'd like to point out the various things that make Mike so capable. Mike is a person who is exceptionally good at being diplomatic on cue. When nonsense begets staff attention, he faces it with nothing but kindness and professionalism. Mike is a person who, to be a bit reductive, receives respect by giving respect. I am not that person, and, frankly, I never will be. Mike and I have lived a different set of circumstances and, as such, have drawn different conclusions especially in regards to interpersonal philosophies. I am a person who believes, above all else, in linear responses - allow me to explain. I first read about Nestle's 'unsavoury' practices when it comes to harvesting water in drought stricken areas in order to turn a profit in 2012. Since then I haven't purchased a nestle product and do my best to be aware of the illusion of choice that this megacorporation presents me with - this includes Kit Kats which I love deeply lmao. I do not believe in supporting bad game developers which is why I refrain from buying games from Ubisoft, EA, and, ultimately, why I've stopped playing Fartnut- may whichever higher power enact swift justice on the fools at Epic.

    As it relates to interpersonal philosophies, I am a person who believes in repaying what I am given. To be completely honest and forward, I don't believe that the way to respond to someone who doesn't listen is to pretend that you're 'agreeing to disagree,' and I especially don't believe that the way to respond to someone who's being rude is to sift through their behavior in order to find the content. If someone is not listening I honestly think it's a disservice to them to not tell them, "I'm not listening because you're not." Likewise, if someone is being exceptionally rude I think it's a disservice to them to not tell them, "You're being a magnanimous dick." I will concede that these responses may have damaged the overall impression of Helios Staff as a whole, and I'd like to say some things in that regard.

    Personally, I've never understood the norm that Staff members speak for staff as a whole unless they explicitly state otherwise. We're adults. We can speak for ourselves or choose not to speak for ourselves. To expect us to speak on behalf of others is kind of ridiculous to me. In reality, I think it's more suiting to speak for literally just myself unless i specifically state otherwise. This is simply how it works in reality.

    Moving on, a huge part of the reason why I left other private servers is because of the way the community treats their staff members - that they are to be some type of bastion or pillar of professionalism, morality, and justice is also ridiculous to me, and I find it to be a net-harmful expectation. When you expect us to be people who are anything more than volunteers who are giving themselves and their time to a project for no other reason besides the fact that they care about seeing it succeed, you inherently place a divider between the community and staff. Allow me to illustrate - even in the short time that I've been director I have been told that I need to be more professional by one group and also more personable by another. Frankly, the expectation that private server staff are to find the balance, a balance which is notoriously difficult to find, and uphold it at all times is honestly why most staff members prefer not to interact with the community at all. The expectation that I, or any of us really, is to be completely professional all the time is nonsense to me. This is not a job, I am not paid to be someone that I am not. The only incentive I have to be the person you all, for some reason that I'm unsure of, expect me to be would be doing so in the name of upholding values that I don't think exist in reality. I'm sure you can imagine why that's not something I'll do.

    The reason I'm writing this message to the community is because I want you all to understand that the events I am referencing were not some thoughtless break in the verisimilitude of staff righteousness - this is who I am. While I am really only in charge while Mike finds a situation in which his IRL commitments allow him to breathe, understand, that I do not plan on being somebody that I am not. I have said it before, but, to reiterate, I am in a volunteer position and this is a game. I invest myself and my time into this project because I care about it deeply. The expectation that I am to be a pinnacle of morality and professionalism, the expectation that I am to be a voice for fourteen other adults, the expectation that I am to meet, or rather exceed, the ridiculously fastidious criteria by which you all hold me to isn't something I'm going to do.
    Mike was very capable of this, and, well, I'm sorry to say that I'm not; however, Mike knows that about me already.

    The reason Mike put me in charge, despite this, is because I really care about making Helios the place that we all want it to be, and, above all else, I want to make it a place where all the bullshit just stops existing. I'm sure you've seen that in the way we approach game balance and what not - take the bullshit surrounding maple as a core game and make it not that way lol. Similarly, I really want to take the bullshit out of the maple PS community and make it a place where it's not a constant fight between staff and the community and instead work together in making this something we can truly be proud of. That was always the intent with Helios. If I sound dismissive at times, I'm sorry, understand that I'm probably doing so simply because I'm confident that I've already considered your proposal and found that it doesn't work. If I sound harsh or mean at times, understand that I only ever am that way if that is the energy that you are putting out. And, you know,

    That being said, as previously stated, I do understand, probably more than anyone else being that I am my own worst critic, that my responses to various members of the community may have been damaging to the health of Helios as a whole. I apologize for getting in the way of progressing this thing that we all care about. While I have hopefully made it clear that I will not be someone that I am not, I will do my best, in the future, to moderate myself and pull myself out of conversations that are no longer productive.

    If you've read this far - thank you.
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