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    <I>Helios Forum Rules and Regulations

    Last Updated : March 9th, 2018 || Edition 1.0

    These forum rules and regulations are to be used as the baseline for forum conduct, and will explain actions that a user may take that will result in moderator intervention and forum repercussion. These rules and regulations and the consequences associated with them can and will be changed at any given time, and will take effect from the time of change, regardless of the presence of formal notice.

    Forum Account Agreement
    Upon creating a forum account on the Helios forums, you have agreed to;
    • select an acceptable forum ID under which you will operate,
    • only have one operating forum account active at a time,
    • select an appropriate forum avatar to display alongside your account name if you so choose,
    • select an appropriate forum signature to display beneath your posts if you so choose,
    • keep your account up-to-date with your own personal information for the purposes of account security and personal verification.
    You also agree that, if you fail to uphold these points, or if you have selected any of the above pieces of personal identifiers which we deem inappropriate, your account can and will be subjected to restrictions and/or alterations at our own discretion.

    Forum Conduct Agreement
    Any account accessing the Helios forums agrees to abide by the following set of conduct restrictions. Any infractions of these rules may result in a forum warning, or further consequences as we deem it necessary. You agree that the Helios Forum Support Team will have full and complete discretion when it comes to any forum conduct infractions and have the total power to alter, construe or otherwise interpret this conduct agreement as they see fit.
    • Doubleposting, spamming, flooding, posting in the incorrect section, improper posts, or posting the same content in multiple sections.
    • Unnecessary, inappropriate or mass private messages to any member(s) of the Helios team.
    • Unhelpful, offtopic, rude, detrimental, hurtful, overly negative or otherwise inappropriate messages in a thread.
    • Inappropriately large, bright, obnoxious, graphic or otherwise distasteful signature or avatar content.
    • Inappropriately destructive messages in the nature of provoking negative, hurtful or otherwise highly detrimental conversation of any kind.
    • Deliberate or unintentional harassment, bullying, targetting, threatening, excessively vulgar content of any kind.
    • Implying in any way that the content of which you post comes from a member of the Helios team when it is not.
    • Pornographic, sexist, racist, bigoted or otherwise highly hateful, vulgar, violent content.
    • Providing access, promoting, advertising or otherwise allowing the transmission of hacking information, programs, or third-party software of any kind without permission from the Helios Forum Support Team.
    • Spreading information or otherwise providing access to the means with which players may be inclined to abuse or break any part of the Helios Game Terms and Conditions, with or without the guise of avoiding consequence.
    • Any sort of hacking attempt or server attack on Helios' game server, web server, forum server or hosts with or without the intent of harvesting information or disrupting proper service.
    • Any sort of hacking attempt on a member of the Helios team or any other member of the forums with or without the intent of interfering with that member or any other member's ability to properly access proper service.
    • Deliberate or unintentional impersonation of any member of the Helios team or other member of the forums with or without the intent to cause confusion or deceive other users in any way.
    • Using Helios forums to promote, advertise or recruit members in any way to relocate to other MapleStory private servers.
    • Using Helios forums to promote, advertise or otherwise offer access to any real world services.
    • Threatening to, or otherwise making claim to, have committed any serious offense as descriped in the Helios Game Terms and Conditions.
    • Stalking, harvesting, sharing or revealing any access to confidential or personal information of any nature, including user personal information or Helios server information.
    • Use of the Helios forums with the intent of in any way convincing other members to revealing their own personal information.
    • Circumventing restrictions or consequences placed upon an account due to any of the above reasons.

    Appropriate Shoutbox Use
    The Helios shoutbox is absolutely and completely subject to any and all of the above restrictions, and as such, any infractions of the above rules may result in the offending forum account receiving consequence as per the discretion of the responding Helios Forum Support team member. The shoutbox is a privilege granted to all users by default, however it may be revoked from any user at our own discretion.

    Forum Account Restriction
    Access to the Helios forums in their entirety is also a privilege granted to all users by default, and as such, it too may be revoked from any user at any given time at our own discretion. All prior infractions will be visible for your account's lifespan and may contribute towards the decision to restrict your forum account without any warning or notice. We encourage users to actively avoid breaking any of the forum rules and regulations, as complete account restriction is a last resort to be used only when necessary.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the Helios Forum Rules and Regulations. Should you have any questions or concerns about the above document, we encourage you to contact a member of the Helios Forum Support Team at your convenience. We hope that you familiarize yourself sufficiently so as to avoid any interruption in forum use due to the consequences of your actions.
    --Helios Directional Team
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