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    Greetings, Helios!

    Before making a bug report thread please peruse the Bug Report Forums in its entirety, including the Closed Bug Report Forum, in order to discern whether your report has already been made by another person in the past or present. If you come across a bug that can be potentially abused and would prefer to not draw public attention to it, then please contact a staff member via forum PM or post your thread in the appropriate subsection of bug reports which can be found here. This will ensure that your post remains invisible to everyone except yourself and applicable members of staff.

    Here is a short description of how to properly make a Bug Report thread. Following these guidelines is in your own best interest - incomplete threads that do not follow these guidelines take longer to complete, and often, if your thread is incomplete, the first response to your thread will be a member of the Helios Team linking you to this very thread.

    A good Bug Report thread includes the following pieces of information as appropriate;

    Please remember that any sensitive account information should only be transmitted via forum PM to a member of the Helios Development or Directional Teams, as this information is extremely important for identifying you, the human reading this, as the owner of each of your accounts. IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, Hardware IDs, Email Addresses, Birthdays, Account Usernames and Account Passwords should never be posted in any public setting.

    Thank you for your cooperation - we're here to help!
    --Helios Game and Forum Support Teams
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